Ram – Scion Of Ikshvaku


In “Ram – Scion Of Ikshvaku,” Amish Tripathi transports readers to ancient India, where a tormented prince named Ram rises above adversity to become the beacon of justice and righteousness. Amidst internal turmoil and a society yearning for leadership, follow Ram’s unwavering quest for justice, loyalty, and destiny. Join Amish’s masterful storytelling that intertwines history, mythology, and the timeless quest for truth.


Embark on an epic journey through ancient India in “Ram – Scion Of Ikshvaku,” the first book in the Ram Chandra Series by Amish Tripathi. Set in 3400 BCE, the story unfolds in Ayodhya, a land weakened by internal strife and the aftermath of a devastating war.

The demon King of Lanka, Raavan, reigns not by force but by exploiting trade, draining wealth from the Sapt Sindhu people. Plunged into poverty and despair, they yearn for a leader to guide them from the depths of darkness. Little do they realize that their leader lies among them – a tormented prince named Ram.

Despite the trials inflicted upon him by his own countrymen, Ram remains devoted to his homeland and stands firm for justice. Supported by his loyal companions and his beloved Sita, he faces the chaos around him with unwavering determination.

Will Ram transcend the prejudices thrust upon him? Will his love for Sita be his strength in adversity? Can he vanquish the demon Lord Raavan, the tormentor of his past? Will he fulfill the destiny set by Vishnu?

Amish Tripathi, a former banker turned author, weaves a captivating narrative that melds history, mythology, and philosophy. Known for his passion for world religions and profound storytelling, his books have sold over 7 million copies and have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into this enthralling tale that delves into the essence of leadership, love, and destiny. Join Amish’s captivating narrative that reimagines ancient Indian legends.


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