NEET Mock Test Papers 2024 by Seep Pahuja


Prepare confidently for the NEET-UG exam with Seep Pahuja’s ‘NEET Mock Test Papers 2024 Final Booklets.’ This comprehensive resource features 24 mock papers covering full syllabus and unit-wise testing in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Strictly aligned with the latest NMC syllabus, it includes official OMR sheets, time management charts, and thorough explanations for every question. Curated under Seep Pahuja’s guidance, these papers historically yield at least 40% of NEET questions, making it an essential tool for effective preparation

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Elevate your NEET-UG preparation with the “NEET Mock Test Papers 2024 Final Booklets – Full Syllabus & Unitwise” by Seep Pahuja. This comprehensive book comprises 24 mock papers meticulously designed to cover both full-syllabus and unit-wise testing, catering to the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Key Features:

  • 24 Mock Papers: Includes a series of mock papers covering both full-syllabus and unit-wise testing to provide comprehensive exam preparation.
  • Supplementary Booklets: Additional booklets focusing on recently added topics to ensure thorough coverage of the latest curriculum.
  • Subjects Covered: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology sections to comprehensively prepare for the NEET-UG examination.
  • Educart NEET Abhyaas: Offering 24 Mock Papers aligned strictly with the latest NEET-UG syllabus issued by the National Medical Commission (NMC) on 6th October, 2023.
  • Official OMR Sheets: Included within the book to aid students in refining their accuracy and speed, mimicking the exam environment.
  • Time Management Charts: Strategically designed charts aiding in understanding the appropriate time allocation for each question, enabling effective time management during exams.
  • Thorough Explanations: Every question in the book is accompanied by a detailed explanation, ensuring comprehensive understanding and learning.

Why Choose This Book?

Curated under the expert supervision of YouTube educator Seep Pahuja, this book has proven efficacy, with at least 40% of questions in the NEET exam historically drawn from these papers. Offering a rigorous and updated preparation resource, this book is tailored to optimize your performance and bolster confidence on exam day.

Prepare meticulously, gauge your readiness, and refine your exam-taking strategies with these meticulously crafted mock papers, enabling you to approach the NEET-UG examination with confidence and competence.


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