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  • NEET Mock Test Papers 2024 by Seep Pahuja

    Prepare confidently for the NEET-UG exam with Seep Pahuja’s ‘NEET Mock Test Papers 2024 Final Booklets.’ This comprehensive resource features 24 mock papers covering full syllabus and unit-wise testing in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Strictly aligned with the latest NMC syllabus, it includes official OMR sheets, time management charts, and thorough explanations for every question. Curated under Seep Pahuja’s guidance, these papers historically yield at least 40% of NEET questions, making it an essential tool for effective preparation

  • PW Physics Med Easy Notes by MR Sir Physics Handwritten Notes

    About the Author: Dr. Manish Raj (M.R. Sir) is an esteemed Physics Educator at PW with an impressive teaching tenure of 11 years. His teaching methodologies have positively impacted millions of students. With accolades like recognition as the ‘Star Teacher of the Year 2022 & 2023’ by INKZOID FOUNDATION and achievements in various national exams, including CSIR NET and GATE, Dr. Manish Raj stands as a distinguished figure in physics education. His dedication to teaching reflects in his mentorship of successful NEET aspirants and his TEDx and Josh Talk appearances, where he shares his passion and insights into physics education.

    These notes serve as an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of physics concepts, ace competitive exams, and delve deeper into the subject with confidence and clarity.