Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC)

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Hello! Welcome to Avichal Store, where you can find the best books to help you prepare for the Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) exams! We know how important these exams are for your future, so we’ve picked out some really good books that can help you get ready.

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Our collection has lots of books made especially for GPSC Exams. Whether you’re studying for GPSC Class 1-2, Class 3, or other GPSC exams, our books cover everything you need to know to do well in these tests.

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The books we have are written by really smart people who understand what you need to learn for the GPSC Exams. They explain things in a way that’s easy to understand and include practice questions and examples to help you study better.

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These books cover many subjects that are really important for GPSC Exams. From General Knowledge to History, Geography, Economics, and more, our books have everything to help you prepare well for these exams.

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Studying with our books can make learning more fun and interesting! They explain things clearly and have exercises and practice tests to help you remember what you’ve learned.

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Ready to start getting prepared for the GPSC Exams? Explore our collection of awesome books that will help you get ready for these exams!

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  • Indian Polity for UPSC, Civil Services Exam and State Administrative Exams

    Discover the acclaimed “Indian Polity” by M Laxmikanth, now in its 7th edition! A must-read for UPSC – Civil Services and State Services exam aspirants, covering India’s entire political and constitutional spectrum. Access the McGraw Hill Edge platform for high-quality study materials and exam preparation strategies, giving you the edge to excel in your exams.